NBC’s Today Show takes on Rock Band… and fails

I’m squirming in my office seat, wincing in pain, sweating of embarrassment. Why? I just watched NBC’s Today Show play Rock Band. It hurt.

Rockefeller Plaza was subjected to aural torture as Today Show hosts Matt Lauer (guitar), Meredith Vieira (horrendous vocals), Al Roker (drums), and Natalie Morales (legs, bass) did their rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” This band doesn’t have a prayer, and I pray to God that I’ll never hear that again.

It was all pretty bad, but Vieira’s lead vocals were painful. Hell, Willard Scott would have done better then her at vocals.

I’ve seen a lot of Rock Band in my day, but that’s easily the worst I’ve ever seen/heard, and it was televised live!

Destructoid can hold their own at Rock Band, so we can talk sh*t if we want. Didnt’ you know? Our own Editor-in-Chief is a Rock Band god?

[Via Kotaku — thanks, Sheldon]

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