NBA Live 10 will improve, dev promises

Samit hat go!

If I were to tell you that I had played a basketball game since NBA Jam I would be lying to your face (through the internet). That won’t stop me from taking other people’s opinions and writing about modern basketball videogames though. I think the opinion of NBA Live 10‘s producer, Sean O’Brien, should do the trick, and according to him Live 09 had a crap ton of issues. That’s some honesty for you.

Of course O’Brien doesn’t leave it at that. He wants everyone to know that Live 10 is going to be awesome and they aren’t going to be making the same mistakes as they did with Live 09. “The direction this year has been about making Live a great playing basketball game again, while focusing on improving our in game presentation, visuals and atmosphere, getting to a never seen before level of authenticity with our players, providing you with a brand new way of playing OTP and taking Dynamic DNA to an entirely new level, both with how it impacts players and gameplay throughout the NBA season as well as how you as a connected user use it to change the way to play NBA Live,he stated.

In his blog post he also says that despite the game still having two months of work to go it still plays better than 09 and the revamped controls are going to melt our faces off by completely changing how we play videogame basketball. Who knows what that means, but O’Brien promises us all that this is not “marketing speak.” From what I can tell it won’t take much to be better than 09 since it was a tragically flawed game, but O’Brien clearly wants to not only be better than last year’s game, but better than NBA 2K10 too.

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