NBA 2K9 teaser number three ends with a Kevin Garnett cliffhanger

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In this third of four teaser trailers for 2K Sports’ soon-to-be-released basketball title, NBA 2K9, Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics gets his fadeaway jumper on. He first backs down his defender (Josh Smith, the Atlanta Hawks’ starting power forward), then pivots and jumps backward while firing a shot toward the basket. Whoops — sorry to ruin the video for you yet again. It’s almost like I’m doing it on purpose or something, isn’t it?

The trailer is still worth watching, though, even if it is a bit short on footage. For one, I’m amazed at the degree of accuracy to which Visual Concepts was able to reproduce KG’s face in NBA 2K9. Of course, it makes sense that they’d painstakingly recreate his visage in the game; he is the cover athlete, after all. We never find out what happens to the shot that Garnett put up — it looks like it was destined to clang off the rim, but who knows? Of course, the video closes with the now-familiar tagline of “Make This Season Matter,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

In case you missed the first two trailers, check them out here and here, respectively. And be sure to keep an eye out for the fourth and final teaser trailer, which will go up later this week. NBA 2K9 will be out on October 7th for PS3, 360, and PS2; for more info on the game, hit up its official Web site.

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