NBA 2K10 trailer brings the hibbity hop

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Word, I… uhhh… be down with the hip hop scenes, yo. Check out these… errr… whackity moves from NBA 2K10 due on the… ahem… streets on Oct. 13.

God, I’m white and I’m not a basketball fan, but sometimes you gotta write about things outside of your comfort zone. While 2K Sports might be getting worked over hard in the realm of hockey, they’ve been the top dog in basketball for a while now. Even their competitor admits it. While this year’s iteration of the game is finally giving Kobe Bryant some box art love, we’re hoping that it makes even more changes as over the past few years the series has sometimes rested on its laurels as far as innovation goes.

2K Sports is of course promising new and improved gameplay, but we’ll just have to wait and see. All I know is that this video makes me wish I had at least a passing interest in the sport.

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