NBA 2K10 Anniversary Edition may actually be worth the price

We’ve all seen plenty of decked-out versions of games — you know, those super-duper editions that are given monikers like “special,” “collector’s,” and “limited.” A lot of them end up being wastes of money: the content inside the big box turns out not to be worth the price premium over the game itself. (And of course, not every game deserves a special edition.)

2K Sports apparently knows that, and it looks like they’ve ensured that the Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K10 will be worth your while (and your money). This is the tenth year of NBA 2K basketball, and that’s certainly an occasion to commemorate, don’t you think? We haven’t received anything official from 2K Sports announcing the set, but yesterday, TeamXbox “obtained details” of the special edition, which is apparently only going to be available with the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. We’ve found a promotional poster that corroborates the information; you can find it in the gallery below. TeamXbox also noted that a “source close to the product” told them that the set will be priced at $99.99.

So what, exactly, will you be getting for an extra forty smackers? Some pretty damn cool stuff: a numbered locker (with combination lock) that can hold twenty games; a 6″ Kobe Bryant figurine from McFarlane Toys; a 16″ × 36″ Kobe Bryant poster designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio No.1; a video “exploring the history” of the NBA 2K franchise; and access to the Gold Room, which is a “VIP online lobby” for the game. For NBA 2K fans, this sounds like a pretty damn cool package, doesn’t it?

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