NBA 2K: Jerk Kobe, teammates smacking each other, and the best dance moves

I could go for some jerked kobe

NBA 2K16‘s been out for a while now and since both baseball season and football season are already over and there’s nothing to watch, here is a collection of things people have shared from NBA 2K16 that have amused me over the past two weeks.

Here’s a cheeky, old man Kobe stealing a high five.

Here’s intentional photobombing AI programmed into the game to reflect the cute little way real-life players toy with camera crews and TV audiences.

Here’s a breakdown of available dance moves and their copyright-skirting names (“King of Soda” for a Michael Jackson move, etc)

Here’s actual Sacramento Kings forward Quincy Acy playing as the Kings and recording a Pelicans player smacking the shit out of his own teammate for their bad defense.

The header image on this article comes from noted video game liker Phil Owen who is literally always playing 2K and sending out beautiful collision fusions.

And I haven’t even seen anything from the Spike Lee-directed story mode starring Frequency Vibrations. Plus it’s just naturally occurring, in-game stuff. People have been modding the PC version into Space Jam for years.

Steven Hansen