Naughty Bear DLC: Pirate-themed chapter 9 released

The Naughty Bear DLC we teased the other day is finally here. It’s Chapter 9, and it puts Naughty on the Island of Perfection, giving him ample things to swashbuckle with. It’s full-on pirate time, but it’s the good kind, without the stumbly douchebags with too much eyeliner on.  In this new DLC Naughty will work his way through bad pirate bears all the way up to fighting the pirate bear leader, The Great Bear Beard. 

In this DLC you’ll be able to dress up naughty in his own pirate costume, or even have him cosplay The Great Bear Beard if you’d like. There’s also two new hats, other new enemies and a cutlass to cut ass with. 

The new DLC is live on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99. 

Dale North