Natural Selection 2 playable alpha starting soon

Natural Selection 2 is a game we haven’t really covered before in any official capacity. I don’t have a good reason as to why that is, but I’m here to make amends. This real-time strategy/first-person shooter hybrid has always been on my radar under the “fascinating yet far off” category.

“I’ll cover it when the time comes.” Well, the time has come. Or, it will come, in a little under two weeks. On Monday, July 26, access to the alpha build of Natural Selection 2 will be granted to those with a pre-order of the Special Edition. Worth noting: you can’t buy this $39.95 version after that point.

Also after July 26, the Standard Edition of NS2 — now set at a very reasonable $19.95 — will get a price increase. I know that might seem like a lot to ask up front, but developer Unknown Worlds is all about community input, and as a seven-person operation, you kind of have to go this route to get there.

If Left 4 Dead, Aliens vs. Predator, and (I’m told) even Singularity have taught us anything, it’s that having humans fighting not-humans in an all-player-controlled environment is a fun setup. NS2 seems to be taking this concept to the next logical level. I’m sold. Also, the camera angle shown above is so good.

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