Nathan Drake doesn’t understand what coin flips settle

It’s like an Iowa caucus

As we are close to the end of Nathan Drake’s story (six weeks to go!), this trailer shows Drake close to the end of his life. Or, at least, in a very tough predicament. Fatigued, likely injured, and aged enough to get away with a good “I’m too old for this shit!”

It’s in this moment that he chooses to reflect. He could’ve had the suburbia wetdream. A nine-to-five, a loving family, blocking off a whole Saturday to do lawn chores because #JustDadThings — it was all his for the taking. Instead, he gallivanted off in search of treasures and misadventures.

Here, he ponders “One question remains: Was it all worth it?” Then, he flips a coin to decide if it was all worth it.

Drake! My man! That’s not what coin flips are for! Coin flips are a means of dispute resolution between otherwise equal alternatives. For instance, if you can’t decide whether to eat banh mi or burritos for lunch, a coin flip might decide because, no matter the outcome, they are both delicious meals.

However, coin flips aren’t for looking back at your existence and wondering if your brash navigation through life was a good call. Nobody is on their death bed surrounded by loved ones asking “Was it a good one?” As the coin tumbles to the earth, they exclaim “Tails! Nope, guess not! Coin says I should’ve made better choices!”

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