Natalie Dormer will be voicing Lexi in Mass Effect: Andromeda

How to date Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer, of Game of Thrones fame, will be voicing the Asari doctor Lexi in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. She seems to be the only big name celebrity in the game, at least as far as reveals go. The previous titles had a few famous actors (Freddie Prince Jr., Keith David, Martin Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss), but BioWare seems to be taking a different approach with Andromeda.

This developer interview is neat for showcasing some of the design philosophies that go into creating a character, but it seriously has a lack of Ms. Dormer. She almost comes off as an afterthought, which really bugs me. At least the second video goes more in-depth with how Natalie felt and what she brings to the table.

Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer voices Mass Effect Andromeda‘s doctor [Eurogamer]

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