Natal + PS3 wand = crappy third party plastic crap

You know it’s coming. Natal is little more than a concept to most people, yet that hasn’t stopped the parasitic third party plastic garbage makers from dreaming up peripheral nonsense for both it and Sony’s motion control wand.

“One of the biggest challenges for peripherals firms is keeping up with changing technology, particularly the trend toward interactive gaming started by Nintendo and now embraced by Microsoft’s Project Natal,” says DreamGEAR COO Richard Weston.

“From all the recent revelations at E3 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, motion sensing devices and add-on accessories for these devices will be the main focus in the future,” adds Paul Coucher of Logic3.

Typical. Third parties are not going to let Natal’s “hands-off” nature get in the way of a “hands-on” rubbish steering wheel. It’ll be hilarious how many Natal users will buy a load of peripheral junk, completely missing the point of Microsoft’s new invention.

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