Napoleon: Total War gearing up for a late February launch

As announced by Creative Assembly’s Mark O’Connell on the Empire: Total War boards, the studio’s latest game to put a bunch of tiny men on your computer screen, Napoleon: Total War, is primed and ready for a February 23 release.

This fun bit of news was accompanied by a blog post by Mike Simpson, who goes into great detail about why a full new game was needed to handle the Napoleonic wars. His passion for the subject matter comes off in a big way; dude did Napoleonic table top war gaming as a teen. You better believe it.

Because much of the Total War series goes way over my head — apparently, the same could be said of everyone else on staff, hence me being the one to do this post — here’s a nice quote from the man.

“Overall, to seasoned Empire players it’s a huge new experience and step up in quality. To anyone who hasn’t played its predecessors, Napoleon is the best TW we’ve made, and a great way to get in to the series. Everyone wins.”

Since I regularly take advice from tabletop gaming aficionados, I’m thinking his words must be legit.

Napoleon: Total War Next Month [Blue’s News]

Jordan Devore
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