Napoleon Dynamite game coming; I tried suicide, but the rope broke!

According to Siliconera, the only website I would trust to watch my kitten while I’m on vacation, Crave Entertainment has picked up the license to create two portable titles based on Napoleon Dynamite, a film as famous for its own merits as it is for the number of times guys named “Chad” have quoted it in order to impress guys named “Brett”.

Crave gave very few details as to what they plan to do with such a dubious license, but they have revealed a plan to create two titles: one for the Nintendo DS and one for the PSP, and that the games would include all your favorite characters from the movie, such as Napoleon, that Mexican guy and the other Mexican guy! 

Destructoid considers itself a kind and benevolent deity, but, with moves like this, Crave is edging closer and closer to catching a swarm of locusts in the junk.

Earnest Cavalli
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