Nani kore? Japanese electronics mega-store sells out of Xbox 360s

Japan’s electronics store chain Yodabashi Camera has less than two dozen stores, but they’re all huge. To call them the Best Buy of Japan is an insult. Think bigger. My favorite, the one that towers over you as you come out of Akihabara Station, has nine floors, packed with everything you could imagine. Not just cameras: speakers, mp3 players, televisions, games, and much more. But it seems that they’re out of Xbox 360 consoles. Wait, what?

CheapyD of CheapAssGamer tells us that the Yodabashi Akihabara store has sold out of all versions of Xbox 360 consoles. He’s guessing that the release of Tales of Vesperia might have something to do with that. I’m thinking he’s right. Cheapy notes that Amazon Japan is also sold out, so something is up.

If this truly is the case, I can’t blame Japanese gamers for being excited about the title. But I don’t think an RPG would cause console sellouts here in the US. It’s instances like these that remind us of how different our gaming preferences are.

What do you think? Did Vesperia have anything to do with this? Or are Japanese all suddenly Halo/Madden fans?

[Via CheapyD’s Twitter. Yeah, that’s right. I said Twitter]

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