‘Name Your Fear’ finalists revealed

Monolith have finally narrowed down the finalists in their “Name Your Fear” contest, in which fans were asked to submit names for the upcoming sequel to F.E.A.R., their successful first-person shooter. After intense labor that included “filtering out ridiculous, inappropriate and duplicate entries,” the team have chosen three entries, all of which simply fall into the ridiculous category.

“Dead Echo,” “Project Origin,” and “Dark Signal” have come out on top, and Monolith are more than happy to tell you (in detail) why they were chosen. “Dead Echo,” for instance, was chosen because “the idea of an echo intrigued us because echoes have the capacity to be eerie and disorienting.” Adding the modifier “dead” to the name “gives the term teeth and evokes catastrophic emotions.” Well, then.

I could write a six-page missive about why my entry of “Pantyhose Unicorn Sinatra” would have been the perfect fit, but really, what’s the point? Fans can really get their hands dirty in the creative process by voting for their favorite online.

Nick Chester