Name an Unreal Tournament 3 map, obtain ultimate bragging rights

Epic wants you, the loving fan, to come up with a name for one of their Unreal Tournament III maps. Once you’re creative juices start flowing, you’ll need to create an account on the Epic Games forums to post your brilliant submission. There’s also a general guideline for the contest:

– It has to sound cool!
– The name must be of the form “CTF-Name”. Multi-word names should be capitalized, i.e., “CTF-FirstSecondThirdWord”.
– Don’t be silly with using names trademarked by someone else, immature stuff, etc.
– The name has to fit the mood. This level takes place in orbit around Omicron 6, the home of the sinister Necris. CTF-HappySunriseBunnyKisses is not appropriate.
– The name has to relate to the map closely, so that if someone says the map name you’ll know which one they mean. For example, a map with a big suspension bridge is called CTF-Suspense.

It’s perfectly fine if you can’t come up with anything just yet — the contest doesn’t end until the 10th of this month. The prize for the winning entry has been left unspecified … pat on the back sound alright? That’s what I thought.

[Thanks, Yurimasa]

Jordan Devore
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