Namco’s Supernova gets closed beta, adds BRO-bot


Namco’s supermoba Supernova is getting a closed beta this month. Alpha testers are automagically entered into the beta; all else can sign up here to join the space robot wars.

Supernova‘s closed beta also includes new commander, the Battle Robot Operations. It has a tragic backstory of crippling identity loss and workout programs. “[A] discarded GTL-360 unit rebooted itself and awoke on the junkyard moon of Carrion. Unable to recall anything about its past or its purpose, the robot’s only clue was a branding of letters on the inside of its arm, which it took to be its name: B.R.O.

“In his search to discover his purpose, B.R.O. found a pre-recorded human hologram datastem from the Lunacy Ninety Day Workout Program who yelled, “Are you ready to find the REAL you, bro?!” Ecstatic that the human knew him by name, B.R.O. became a dedicated disciple of his teacher’s program for over 40 years until he was picked up by a group of scavengers.”

With the closed beta also comes, “a new unannounced commander, five new commander skins, two new force skins and new profile icons.”

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