Namco’s E3 announcements may include Natal, Move and 3D

CVG recently spoke with Namco Bandai Partners Vice President Oliver Compte where he gave some insight into the company’s future plans. Asked about Natal, Move and 3D, Compte had to be somewhat evasive, claiming that an embargo prevented him from speaking about the subjects. 

He did, however, state that Namco Bandai would have announcements at E3 next week relating to these topics. I don’t know if that means a 3D Pac-Man game or motion-controlled Tekken or what, but something of some sort will be announced and it will either move or have three dimensions to it.

Anybody want to take a wild stab in the dark?

E3 2010: Namco will have Natal, 3D announcements [CVG]

Conrad Zimmerman