Namco’s Dark Souls mobile spinoff looks like rubbish


Ah, so this is what Bandai Namco trademarked: an endless runner. Some of you were spot on.

Slashy Souls is a mobile title made possible in part by GameStop — a company supposedly “not attempting” to be a publisher — that will release on Android and iOS tomorrow, February 28.

According to Polygon, Bandai Namco went ahead and whipped up this Souls-inspired game without placing From Software on development duties. Here’s the first footage:

I’m not sure who this is for, exactly. Even if it looked okay, which I don’t think it does, Souls fans aren’t hurting for games reminiscent of the series — they’re all over the independent scene.

Slashy Souls: a first look at Namco’s new Dark Souls-inspired mobile game [Polygon]

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