Namco teases new Vita RPG Ray Gigant from Demon Gaze dev

Dungeon crawl against alien monsters in the semi-future

Demon Gaze developer Experience has been busy on the Vita since with Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (and its upcoming sequel in Japan), but there are no shortages of dungeons to crawl or publishers to team with, so Bandai Namco has begun teasing Experience-developed Ray Gigant.

The name could be worse.

It stars the special chosen boy who blows up all of Tokyo after killing a Gigant, the (alien) monsters that have suddenly begun appearing worldwide. After getting the whole wiping out entire cities thing in check, he goes on to fight Gigants along with the two other main characters, unloved British boy Kyle (not MacGregor) and a girl named Nil of unknown nationality who posts up in the Caribbean.

新作ダンジョンRPG『レイギガント』公式サイトがオープン!ティザーPVや各種情報が判明 ― T.M.Rさん、飛蘭さん、南條愛乃さんの3人が主題歌を担当! [Gamestalk via Siliconera]

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