Namco launches 3 iPad titles, has an iPhone sale

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iPad. It’s all you’ll hear about today, so get used to it. You’ll either hear some hype, or you’ll hear from those odd people that feel compelled to hate on a piece of machinery. If you’re…you know, not hating, then maybe you’ll be interested to hear that Namco has three iPad titles lined up for tomorrow’s launch.

There’s an iPad version of Noby Noby Boy, which I reviewed last month on the iPhone. It’ll cost $1.99, or will be free for those that already own it on the iPhone.

PAC-MAN is also coming, for $4.99. Namco had nothing to say about this in the press release, so they pointed out that this one has “four unique ghosts.”

Pro Pool Online 3 is really slick. I’m playing it on the iPhone now, and the graphics and control are really good. A pool game doesn’t sound like much, but it has been my go-to title for a few weeks now. Pocket pool — lol. This will cost $6.99. Namco reminds that there’s already over 13,000 registered users to play online with, too.

If you’re still planning on rocking your iPhone or iPod Touch for gaming, you might also be interested in the sale that Namco is having on 20 of their games. Hit the jump for the full list. I bought several because they were really cheap!


·         ACE COMBAT Xi – $2.99

·         Alpine Racer – $.99

·         Brain Exercise – $2.99

·         BurgerTime Deluxe – $.99

·         Dig Dug REMIX – $.99

·         Galaga REMIX – $.99

·         Garters & Ghouls – 2.99

·         i Love Katamari – $2.99

·         Inspector Gadget – $2.99

·         Isaac Newton’s Gravity – $1.99

·         Mr. DRILLER – $.99

·         Ms. PAC-MAN – $2.99

·         PAC-MAN – $2.99

·         PAC-MAN CE – $.99

·         PAC-MAN REMIX – $.99

·         Pole Position Remix – $.99

·         Ridge Racer Accelerated – $.99

·         Star Trigon – $.99

·         Tamagotchi ‘Round the World – $2.99

·         Time Crisis Strike – $.99

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