Namco explains why Vesperia is on 360, doesn’t explain anything else

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As we all know by now, Namco Bandai’s Tales of Vesperia has done big business in Japan, managing to sell more than three entire Xbox 360s. With Vesperia currently only being available on Microsoft’s machine, you’d think the developer would have something to say about the PlayStation 3 and … well … it doesn’t.

Chief director Yoshihito Higuchi explained why Namco Bandai chose to put Vesperia on the 360, but didn’t say much else:

So for Tales of Vesperia, we really wanted to do it in HD, which meant we decided the PS2 was out. Tales of the Abyss was a big hit for us on the PS2, and we wanted to do something like that again. That plan was rejected, so we thought about how things would play out. And that’s when we decided to put the game on the next-gen Xbox 360.

An amazing revelation, I think you’ll agree. Namco Bandai wanted to make a current-generation videogame, so they put it on a current-generation system. REVELATION!

Really, that doesn’t explain at all why Namco continues to release games on the 360 first and then port to PS3 much later. Of course, the company has complained in the past that the PlayStation 3 is difficult to develop for, so it may still be finding this the easiest route. You’d think Namco would have gotten to grips with the PS3 by now.

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