Namco Bandai’s God Eater has an awesome name

Monster Hunter is big business in Japan, so it’s no surprise that other publishers are wanting a piece of it. Enter Namco Bandai, with possibly the best videogame name I’ve heard in years, God Eater. It’s a new PSP romp with a focus on collection, customization and co-op. It’ll probably sell millions. 

God Eater brings 100 missions to the table, along with transforming weaponry. The Deus Ex Machina system lets players turn their weapons into blades, guns or a “predator form” hybrid. Weapons can also be customized with synthesize items. While the game is being designed primarily for multplayer, there will be a solo campaign as well. 

God Eater is scheduled to hit Japan this fall, with no word yet on a US release. It’s looking like it might be a good jape, but I really hope the multiplayer is online and not just local. It’s hard to find four people who own a PSP in the same place at the same time outside of Japan.

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