Namco Bandai trademarks ‘DeadHeat’

Trademarks, they’re how we keep other people from taking the stuff we want. In the gaming industry they’re practically how you announce a game these days thanks to those wonderful inventions called gaming blogs digging up every single one they can find. In this case it’s Siliconera digging up a Namco Bandai trademark in Europe for DeadHeat. Don’t call it Dead Heat, though. Some other companies already have that trademarked. Spaces are so 1990s anyway.

What could this game be? DeadHeat seems a bit too cheesy to be a title on its own, so maybe it’s a subtitle of some sort. Soul Calibur: DeadHeat? Dead to Rights: DeadHeat? Klonoa: DeadHeat? The possibilities are endless, and aside from a game based off of Richard Castle’s next Nikki Heat novel or one based off of zombie/cop film Dead Heat (awesome), I’ve got nothing.

Namco Bandai Packing “Dead Heat” [Siliconera]

Matthew Razak