Namco Bandai to make Mr. Driller Online not broken with patch

Anyone who was even remotely excited about Namco Bandai bringing Mr. Driller Online to Xbox LIVE Arcade got a huge shock when the game was released last month — it was broken. Really, really broken.

Sure, you could play the game offline without a hitch, but actually taking the game online was another story. And for a game that actually has the word “online” in its title, that’s a huge issue. Players reported that the game suffered from so much lag that it was virtually unplayable; some even were able to get refunds.  

Over a month after the game’s release, Namco Bandai will finally be issuing an update for the title, one which should fix all of the technical issues that mar the online gameplay. Considering the nature of the update, it should come as no surprise that it will be free. No set date for the patch other than “this month,” so keep booting up your Mr. Driller Online until something happens.  

[Via IGN]

Nick Chester