Namco Bandai publishing Dark Souls and Armored Core V

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Destructoid is going to bombared you with a ton of new info and previews on various projects from Namco Bandai today, so prepare yourselves. Before we get to all of that though, did you hear that Namco Bandai is publishing Dark Souls and Armored Core V in the United States and Europe? That’s right! Both games will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We shared the new trailer and screens for the spiritual follow-up to Demon’s Souls yesterday. I got an eyes-only preview at how the game is shaping up, and all I have to say about that is “have fun dying.” A lot. FromSoftware also showed off Armored Core V, a rebirth of the series you’ve known for the last 15 years. Don’t worry, I’ll have more details to share of both games coming later today.

Dark Souls will be out worldwide this Holiday season, and Armored Core V will be out by the end of the year in Japan and early 2012 in the US and Europe.

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