Namco Bandai patents game that puts ghosts in your pics

There’s a new patent from Namco Bandai that looks to be played on a system that looks something like the DSi. That’s not important, though. The idea is pretty cool: You take a picture of an object, and then the game generates ghosts to come out of that object. You tap the ghosts and earn points. Alternate reality stuff is on the iPhone now, but this sounds a bit more advanced than the basic camera overlay stuff we’re seeing now.

In the patent example, a picture of a house is taken, and then ghosts fly out of the house windows. Siliconera says that the tech is able to deconstruct the image to find objects in a structure to send ghosts out of. Different types of objects generate different types of ghosts. Pretty cool, right? 

This could be cool looking on the 3DS…in 3D. 

Dale North