Namco Bandai asking what PSOne games you want on PSN

Now everyone starts asking! I’ve been fuming for…well, since the PlayStation 3 has been released. What is the f*cking holdup with the PSOne titles on the PlayStation Network? Japan’s PSN has a massive library. Ours is getting better, but it’s still pretty sad. Do you know much more valuable the PSP would be to people if they had the full PSOne library to pick from? It hurts my head thinking about how long this has taken.

Square Enix has asked fans which PSOne games they want on PSN, and now Namco Bandai is following. For Japan, of course. They’ve asked gamers to send requests via Twitter, with a focus on PSOne and TurboGrafx-16 games.

If you want to try to put in the good word for North America, drop your suggestions with the tag #nbgi_archives attached to your tweet. I want everything. I have wants that go beyond PSOne and TG16, though.

Namco Bandai Wants To Know Which Games You Want To See On PlayStation Network [Siliconera]

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