Namco Bandai and Infogrames strike distribution deal

Namco Bandai has never had a big presence in Europe, with its titles being published by other third parties there, like EA, Ubisoft, Atari and more. This will change after this new distribution deal with Infogrames is finalized and set into motion.

According to Gamasutra, Infogrames will regroup its distribution operations into a new standalone business that will exclusively distribute Namco Bandai games in Europe and Asia. Namco Bandai will acquire a 34 percent stake in the new business.

This new company is also expected to establish distribution contracts with other publishers, though no names are being dropped yet. This new company should be up and running by early 2009.

It looks like they’re turning things around there at Infogrames, doesn’t it? And this means that European gamers need not worry about getting Namco Bandai releases. 

Dale North