‘Namby pamby’ patches coming for PixelJunk Eden and Monsters

What happens when you write a strongly worded letter to Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert? The man gets things done. After TheBBPS’s Ryan Hewson wrote to Cuthbert about PixelJunk Monsters‘ difficulty, he received a response chock-full-of information and exciting promises. 

Cuthbert says that Monsters will be receiving a patch that will allow players to go through the offline mode in either Easy, Medium, Hard, or the new Expert modes. On the subject of the excellent PixelJunk Eden, Cuthbert hints at new gameplay modes, saying of the game’s swing mechanic: it’s “much too fun to waste on just one set of game rules.” Oh, and if you think Eden is too hard, Q-Games may even be looking into “a more namby pampy mode for the ‘lighter’ people out there.”

PixelJunk for Dummies? Fine with us — both games are excellent, and whatever Dylan and company need to do in order for a wider audience to experience them, we’re all for it. 

But really: has anyone out there found the games to be too difficulty, or know of someone whining about their difficulty?

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