Nachoyah Shrine location and solution for Tears of the Kingdom

The last tutorial island shrine

One more Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tutorial shrine left! After getting the Recall ability, you’ll need to put it to the test in shrine form. Here’s how to finish the relatively straightforward Nachoyah Shrine.

You’ll find the Nachoyah Shrine directly after picking up the Recall ability

After entering, you’ll be further instructed in the art of Recall, which essentially rewinds objects.

  • Your first task is to rewind a raft heading down a body of water: jump on it and rewind it while you’re riding on top. Repeat the process for the other raft and climb the mini-waterfall.
  • Rewinding gears works the same way as it did when you first acquired Recall; allowing Link to ride upward
  • The last Recall test deals with a clock hand, which you’ll need to reverse so that it lines up

After completing the shrine you will get a Light of Blessing: which can be turned into statues to acquire more health or stamina. These function just like Spirit Orbs in Breath of the Wild, in that they require four for each upgrade.

This is the last Light of Blessign you’ll need to acquire a heart upgrade, which will let you open up the final tutorial door and head to Hyrule proper.

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