Nab some discounted Destructoid shirts on Split Reason

Hey we have merchandise still on sale! COOL! We have a number of Destructoid shirts available for purchase and we’re phase some of them out … FOREVER! Yes, some of these shirts are going to disappear for good in order to make room for new designs.

So what’s on sale? Well the timing of the sale on this first shirt couldn’t be any better (worse?) The cheapest torso cover is the Cashwh0re shirt for $10. This was created during the controversy surrounding GameSpot’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review.

Also on sale are the RetroforceGO! shirts. We have both male and female sizes for $12 of possibly one of the greatest podcasts ever created. That’s not hyperbole, kids. You’re doing yourself a great injustice if you’ve never listened to our amazing podcast of retroness.

Also on sale are our black and white and vintage Destructoid logo shirts, for $12 each. Grab them before they’re completely gone for good!

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