Nab a Mercenaries 2 achievement by playing with Pandemic starting this Friday

One of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames‘ achievements calls for players to hook up with a Pandemic developer in an online co-op session. Although the achievement spreads virally like an STD — if someone has played with a dev before, they can give it to others — I haven’t come across anyone with it yet.

Luckily for completionists and anyone else who would enjoy adding another 50 points to their gamerscore, Pandemic has given out ten employee gamertags for you to harass from this Friday until September 12. Here they are:

  • MercsDev1: James Wahlquist, Designer
  • MercsDev2: David Padron, Junior Technical Artist
  • MercsDev3: Jeremy Swigart, Programmer
  • MercsDev4: Albert Lo, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev5: Ali Zandi, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev6: Manny Diaz, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev7: Ed Kim, Programmer
  • MercsDev8: Scott Warner, Lead Designer
  • MercsDev9: Drew Marlowe, Designer
  • MercsDev10: Brad Welch, Senior Designer

For anyone who hasn’t delved into Mercs 2, what are you waiting for?

If you like hilariously over-the-top action involving explosives, being able to fall thousands of feet from a helicopter and survive, or are looking for an incredible co-op experience, you owe it to yourself to play this game, even if it’s only a rental.

Jordan Devore
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