N64 game 40 Winks smashes Kickstarter goal in mere hours

New cartridge on the way for your Goldeneye player

The cancelled Nintendo 64 port of 40 Winks (known as Ruff and Tumble in Europe) will finally see release on the console, some 20 years later, thanks to studio Piko Interactive and a slew of generous Kickstarter backers.

Originally scheduled for release back in 1998, the Rare-esque adventure title 40 Winks was put to sleep permanently after commissioners GT Interactive were hit with huge financial problems. This lead to the company’s eventual sale to Infogrames, who cancelled development. The PlayStation version of the title made it to shelves, but the N64 port, to be outsourced to Eurocom, never saw the dawn.

Retro-loving studio Piko Interactive have re-awoken the project, opening a Kickstarter page with aims of finally bringing 40 Winks to the N64. Amazingly, they absolutely smashed their $14,000 goal in just 10 hours. The current pledge total stands at over $64,000, with 20 days remaining.

As a result, the Nintendo 64 will see its first cartridge release in some time. 40 Winks will launch in both a standard edition – complete with full-colour box and instruction manual – and a Special Edition, which will also include exclusive artwork, a poster and, of all things, a 40 Winks POG. Having hit the $60K stretch goal, a limited edition N64 controller will also be manufactured to celebrate the game’s long-awaited release.

40 Winks is scheduled to launch later this year on Nintendo 64. And you won’t believe how odd it feels typing that.

40 Winks for Nintendo 64 [Kickstarter]

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