N+ handheld multiplayer servers no longer exist

Pour one out for the online component of N+ handheld. According to a post on core developer Metanet Software’s blog, the community servers for the DS and PSP versions of the platformer are down for good. All the data on said servers has been lost, despite attempts by publisher Atari to retrieve it. Another online option won’t be presented to owners of the title, either, as it has been labeled “something of a financial failure” and Atari is withdrawing support.

We’re not sure when the servers went dark-dark. This situation is attributed to the January 2009 closing of Silverbirch Studios, the developers of the aforementioned handheld versions of the game. The Metanet post is recent, but we’re guessing level-sharing capabilities were spotty — at the least — after the Silverbirch collapse.

“We are saddened by the news,” the post reads, “since this marks the end of a (rather short) era of sharing levels and playing multiplayer games on the handheld systems, but we are not surprised; this was an inevitability that we think unfortunately arrived long before it was due.”

A sad ending indeed, but hey, at least the single-player still functions, right?

[via Tiny Cartridge]

Brad BradNicholson