Mythic and BioWare may work together in the future

On the heels of the id Software and ZeniMax thing, Electronic Arts announced a new RPG super grouping created by the bloodletting of a small elven boy and the merging of two studios: Mythic Entertainment and BioWare. At the time of the announcement, we were told nothing would change. It appears that is still holding true, however there’s a possibility the two studios could work together in the future.

In an interview with Gamasutra (via, manager of the new group Ray Muzyka said both companies were working on the same stuff and doing their own thing.

“Structurally, each of the organizations remains intact,” Muzyka said. “They’re working on the same projects they were working on before, I just have another studio that reports into me. It’s not that BioWare or Mythic is changing; they’re retaining their brands, their unique cultural identities, their projects they are working on. I’m really excited about what we’re doing; we have great people at each location.”

Despite the retaining of identities (or whatever), it’s quite possible that the two studios could collaborate on a project in the future, however, Muzyka stressed that all EA partners share technology.

“A variety of studios across EA tech share, for example,” he said. “We’re all part of the same company at the end of the day. We’re studios within the same organization, which is a group now within the EA Games label.

“In the future there could be co-development. There’s nothing actively planned there right now, but I know the guys at Mythic, and in Edmonton, Austin, and Montreal are all really excited about this.”

Nice. We think a space opera with Orcs and Dwarves was just confirmed.

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