MySpace aiming to be a gaming platform

MySpace may be getting its arse handed to it by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but the former king of social networks believes it has an ace up its sleeve — it’s going to get into games. Those in charge of the site that popularized annoying sparkly .gifs believes that MySpace will grow into a prominent online gaming platform.

“MySpace is and will be more in the future a gaming platform, a space for people to meet and play games,” says News Corp digital boss Jonathan Miller. “None of the traditional media conglomerates are also significant videogame players, so to speak, and I think that that’s the missing piece of the equation, particularly when you see how much time is spent playing games online. If you look at the big activities online, games right now is number three. Communications, search, games. So it’s clearly going to be a major focus.”

I believe he missed out “porn,” but MySpace’s camwhores are practically filling that role already. 

Would you pay attention to MySpace if it tried to become a viable gaming platform? Would such plans succeed? Considering the fact that MySpace can’t even seem to keep its sh*t together as a social network (“Unexpected Errors” became a misnomer when I used maintain a page), I dread to think how those in charge would handle online games.

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