My Nintendo just added Pikmin 4 Switch icons, and more are on the way

Pikmin 4 My Nintendo icons

Get them through July 27

My Nintendo is cycling through icons yet again, and this time, it’s Pikmin 4‘s time to shine. Well, the whole Pikmin series really, because while Oatchi (the adorable dog and mascot of the game) and a few Pikmin 4-exclusive art pieces are on full display, several also represent Pikmin in a general sense dating all the way back to the start of the franchise many moons ago.

Here’s a look at what you can pick up!

Full list of all My Nintendo Pikmin icons

  • Ice Pikmin (Pose 1)
  • Ice Pikmin (Pose 2)
  • Yellow Pikmin (Carrying a cherry)
  • Blue Pikmin (On dice)
  • Red Pikmin (Carrying a button)
  • Oatchi (Pose 1)
  • Oatchi (Pose 2)
  • Winged Pikmin
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin/White Pikmin

There are also five backgrounds and five frames to choose from.

More Pikmin icons are on the way

Note that this is just the first wave. Wave 2 is coming on July 27, and will run through August 3. Wave 3 will begin on that same day, and ends on August 10. Teases for that wave include Glow Pikmin, a Bulborb, and stylized Pikmin pictures.

I have a feeling Oatchi is going to be pretty popular! I wish Nintendo released data on which icons were the most purchased.

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