My man Hawkeye and Kamala Khan confirmed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

I’m not going to do it, but someone is probably going to drop Endgame spoilers in here

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming in at just the right time. In fact, Endgame, which is approaching 2.3 billion worldwide in a bid to take over the spot for the most successful film of all time, will probably still be playing in theaters when Ultimate Alliance launches on July 19 (Captain Marvel is still active right now actually).

Helmed by Team Ninja, the beat ’em up features a whole host of Marvel characters as well as Sony friends (Venom): video games do what film doesn’t. Game Informer has revealed two new heroes too, in Hawkeye, and Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel). As expected the former will be ranged-based, and the latter will feature her stretching powers.

Ever since Captain America and the Avengers on the NES I was enamored by Hawkeye, who was eventually made even cooler by Matt Fraction’s fantastic comic run on the character. He pretty much had to be in Ultimate Alliance 3, but I’m glad he made it in all the same.

Exclusive New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Heroes Revealed [Game Informer]

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