My Life as a King…where I pay for microtransactions? What?

As aforementioned by Nazi-in-Chief Nick Chester in his previous post about Wiiware and how Game|Life’s Chris Kohler has it and we do not (grumble), it seems that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King has a feature we hadn’t previously heard much about: microtransactions. There’s something decidedly unkingly about paying for a game’s extra features, but nonetheless, that’s the story here. Royalty ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, folks.

In games like Mass Effect, DLC is very much optional: you can still enjoy the full game even if you never notice the extra content exists. With My Life as a King, it’s a little more extreme. It seems that of the four playable races (Clavats, Yukes, Lilties, and Selkies,) you can only play one with the regular purchase of the game. The other three can only be obtained by spending Wii points to purchase buildings for them. Additonal costumes will also be available for purchase later in the game.

Plain and simple, I have a problem with this. The kind of DLC you get for a game like Rock Band can be well worth the price, especially if you are a fan of the songs and can invite your friends over for new jams. Although I can’t make a final judgment until I play the title, I can say I am already turned off by knowing that 3 out of 4 in-game races won’t be available to me until I put out dinero. I hate to ask it, but I’m going to anyway: How can you possibly need any more money, Square?

Does this bother any of you, or are microtransations becoming…ugh…the norm?

[Via Siliconera, Thanks Jonathan]

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