My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 2 brings Endeavor to the fight

The new season arrives just a few months after release.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Endeavor Season 2

My Hero Ultra Rumble recently got a Season 2, just after its launch in September of this year. Bandai Namco dropped Season 2 of the MHA brawler on November 24, featuring one fiery addition to the roster in Endeavor.

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One of the most anticipated changes that Season 2 will feature is a new playable character. Fiery and fierce hero Endeavor has been added to the playable lineup. Endeavor is featured in the Plus Ultra Roll banner, while the vein-wielding hero Ibara is headed to the Character Tickets section.

Alongside the Flame Hero, players are getting a new “Duo”, or two-player team, option where 12 teams of 2 can go head to head in battle. You can also spice up your fighters’ looks in game with new costumes being added to My Hero Ultra Rumble Season 2.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a fighting title based on the popular superhero manga-turned-anime My Hero Academia. This battle royale based fighter features matches between teams of players, made up of characters from MHA. In the series, characters are able to use “quirks” or supernatural abilities that make them a bit out of the ordinary, in combat and in everyday life.

My Hero Ultra Rumble only features an online mode, meaning that there is no offline option for the game at this time. The free-to-play fighter is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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