My God, Sakurai has some amazing gaming swag

Hail to the king

Remember Masahiro Sakurai’s video game YouTube channel? Well, it rocks and you should probably spend a weekend catching up on a lot of it: especially if you’re the type of person who likes to see rare collectibles.

As part of his “Grab Bag” segment (which includes random things Sakurai feels like sharing with the world), this time he’s focusing on collectibles (which he calls “rare belongings”). If you’re the type of person who gets easily jealous, you may want to look away.

When Sakurai leads some of these reveals with “only about three of these exist,” you know you’re about to see some real stuff.

Here’s a full list of gaming collectibles Sakurai shows off

  • A Wii remote that has Sakurai’s likeness printed on the back, given to him as a gift by Nintendo “when Miis were first implemented.”
  • A Pit and Palutena figure that was printed as a reference for a float for a Nintendo-related event: only three of them exist in the world
  • Autographed copies of Mario Anniversary for Wii (signed by Miyamoto)
  • A signed bit of artwork for Kid Icarus: Uprising, from manga artist Shigeyuki Fukumitsu
  • An Xbox 360 Elite with Sakura’s name engraved on it: he got the plate directly from Microsoft as a gift (and funnily enough it got the Red Ring of Death [RROD])
  • A SEGA Associate Planner Certificate from the late ’80s, awarded by SEGA to Sakurai

The last item is perhaps the most interesting; as Sakurai notes that he was awarded the certificate for coming up with the idea for Active Time Battles (ATB) in the RPG genre, before the ATB mechanic was widely adopted; and before he was part of the industry proper. What a milestone!

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