My Fair Brady’s Adrianne Curry teams with Namco for E3

Namco-Bandai has some pretty big games to show at E3 2011 (which is just a few weeks away, June 7th to June 11th). Dark Souls, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur V, and new titles from the Tales, Ace Combat, Ridge Racer, and Dragon Ball series are all bound to impact with gamers. For everyone else, Namco -Bandai also has a lady. A reality lady, one who was on the American television shows America’s Top Model and My Fair Brady. Her name is Adrianne Curry. I’m pretty sure she’s married to the guy who played Bobby (the Pork Chops and Applesauce one), and from all appearances, she really likes Tekken.

I hope to meet Adrianne at the show so I may complain with her about how fake reality shows are, test her gamer cred, and challenge her to a game of six degrees of separation from the Hamburglar. Considering the fact that I was once in a short film with John Fiorre, who is a Sopranos guy, and the Sopranos stole a lot of stuff (including hamburgers), I think I’m going to do just fine in that challenge.

I am a famous person because I was on reality TV once and I know a guy who knows people that pretended to steal hamburgers and a lot of stuff.

Jonathan Holmes
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