My Destructoid friends, let me show you them

At this point I think it can be unanimously decided that what you need to know about The Behemoth‘s upcoming game Castle Crashers is simply the following: awesome game is awesome. End of story. Both editors and community members have gotten their pixel-colored panties in a twist in mere anticipation for the game because of its refreshingly fun gameplay complimented of course by the incredible artwork of artist Dan Paladin (who’s creative womb also yields throngs of healthy, bubbling Castle Crashers figurines in four flavors).

Reciprocal fanboy-ism is never a bad thing when it comes to the video game industry, and one certainly can’t help but swoon just a smidgen to Paladin’s artistic ode to Destructoid in a work titled My Destructoid friends, let me show you them <3. The drawing speaks for itself, so a huge less-than-three out to Mr. Paladin. We here at Destructoid totally heart you back.