My debate experience with Xfire

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A few weeks ago our own Faith was invited to be a panelist for an Xfire debate about Women and Gaming, but she was unable to make it and asked me if I could participate. I was happy to do so, and last Thursday I patricipated in a debate along with some other key females in the industry. The transcripts of our debate are now up at Xfire, so check them out.

The Xfire system is really cool, and I actually was interested enough to want to investigate it more after participating in the debate itself. There are a lot of worthwhile gaming communities out there, but my biggest problem (one I’m sure many of you sympathize with) is having the time to participate in them all. I suppose it’s a matter of prioritizing which sites you choose to spend time with (or you could just quit your day job and loaf about on the interwebs all day.)

The Women and Gaming debate can be a pretty tired one when all you hear are the general “CHICKS ROXXOR” type comments, but having a strong group of intelligent women to discuss it among made a real difference. If you care about the issue but feel fed up with the usual bollocks, this debate may be a breath of fresh air for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did participating in it.


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