Mutant Mudds Deluxe is still solid on Steam

Pretty much the same as the Wii U version

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is out this week on Steam, which marks the first time the newly enhanced version is available outside of the Wii U. As a pure platformer through and through, the extra levels and increased difficulty help address a few issues that some of you may have had with the original.

It also packs in the Granny level content, which is highly recommended just on its own. While I wouldn’t trade the Wii U GamePad functionality for a PC port, you really can’t go wrong with the Steam version if you haven’t played it yet. I haven’t encountered any issues so far, and despite the fact that I completed the game a few months back, I’m already eager to go for another 100% run.

If you bought the original Steam edition from Renegade Kid’s shop, you should be getting a Deluxe key. Select Desura users should be getting keys as well.

Chris Carter
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