Musou Stars producer wants ‘a bit’ of the body physics engine from Dead or Alive in the game

‘A bit’

Musou Stars is still a thing, and it’s glorious. It’s basically an all-star mashup of Koei Tecmo’s brawlers, and they’re really starting to get weird with their cast choices — I love it! But a few cast members might fundamentally change the entire engine, based on a comment from producer Masaki Furusawa.

Speaking to Fatmitsu, Furusawa noted that in order to do justice to the Dead or Alive characters Honoka and Marie Rose, he wants to use a “bit” of the Soft Engine in Stars. As you can probably glean, the Soft Engine is what the Dead or Alive series uses, and enhances the realism of human skin, and boosts the jiggle factor for multiple body parts.

They have until March 2 to figure it out, but expect a big Dead or Alive showing if they end up implementing this.

Musou Stars [Game Jouhou via Siliconera]

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