Musical puzzler Chime coming to Steam

Xbox 360 owners have had the pleasure of being able to play Zoe Mode’s awesome musical puzzler Chime for awhile now. Today, it’s been announced that Chime is coming to PC, by way of Steam, this summer.

PC users rejoice, because you’re getting a bonus that 360 owners could only dream of — the popular Portal track, “Still Alive,” will be included in the Steam version of Chime. That’s in addition to the tracks from the Xbox 360 version, which included music from Moby, Philip Glass, and more.

No mention of pricing just yet, but keep in mind that whatever it costs will be worth it not only because because Chime is a great game, but also because your purchase will go toward a great cause. The game’s publisher, OneBigGame, is a non-profit organization; a percentage of the proceeds for Chime will benefit Starlight Children’s Foundation and Save the Children. Great game, great cause. You can’t really go wrong here.

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