Musical platformer Maestro! Jump In Music has you singing

Combining platforming gaming with musical creation sounds like a fantastic idea, and Pasta Games of Paris, France, is working on that now with their upcoming title Maestro! Jump In Music.

Coming to the DS this autumn, you’ll play as Presto, a music-loving bird, who moves about hybrid 2D/3D platformer levels as you use your stylus “to scrape, rub, tap and whirl to the rhythm of the level’s music.” The press release says that you’ll be creating a symphony with your fingertips. 

Here’s where it gets crazy: you sing in Maestro! Jump In Music. Using the DS’s microphone, you’ll sing in the 18 featured songs in the game.  Road trip friend? I dunno.

As far as what to expect musically, they say to expect classics alongside contemporary hits. Brahms’ Hungarian Dances join songs like “Fame”, “ABC” or “Our House”. Crazy.

While this certainly sounds interesting, we don’t have anything visual to go on yet. We’ll keep an eye out for this “musical platformer” and keep you posted.  

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