Music-rhythm game Helix coming to WiiWare on Monday

Developer Ghostfire Games shot us over an email to let us know that their original music-rhythm game, Helix, would be hitting WiiWare this coming Monday.

Helix will feature 25 songs, most of which you’ve probably never heard of, like “Blow It Away” by Resonance & Marshall Whyler. The tracks were hand-picked by Ghostfire Games from a pool of over a thousand songs.

“It’s the type of music you want to hear over and over again because it’s so good,” says Ghostfire’s CEO Ed Roman.

The game’s also apparently a good workout, as you’ll use the Wii Remote controller “to do over 30 upper body moves while listening to fast-paced music.” Throw some ecstasy into the mix and you’ve got yourself a real party, it sounds like. 

Helix will run you 1000 Wii Points; in other words, ten human dollars. More info, including video, can be found at Ghostfire’s official Web site.

Nick Chester